God’s Fingerprints

This last Sunday, Pastor Rick began his series in Genesis.  He spoke on Gen 1:1 “In the Beginning,…  He started by showing us that the Bible had always spoken of the beginning all things, as God acted.  But science had originally believed the known universe was eternal, neither having a beginning or and end.  But the big bang changed all of that and now scientists have to agree with the Bible that there was a beginning.  This next week Pastor will explain more about the rest of Ch 1 in highlighting the Intelligent Design of the creator, God, and specific observations of the chapter.  The following concepts will be explained; kinds, tohu we vohu, uniqueness of man, ex nihilo, to name a few. We’ll see that truths in Genesis can have great meaning for us.  Please read Gen 1: 1-25 in preparation for the message.

We will be meeting in the sanctuary of Whispering Pines Church. There will be ventilation through open windows and mask-wearing will be encouraged (to continue to keep everyone who attends our gatherings safe). PowerZone for children will be offered during the service.

If you are unwell or do not feel you can attend, the service will be live-streamed on, and Facebook and YouTube.