Dear Friend of Whispering Pines Church,

Special thanks to our dear friend and Whispering Pines Church elder, Jon Courtney, for his excellent teaching out of Romans 6 last Sunday. This Sunday, August 24th, is a special day in the life of our church. That evening, we will celebrate the joy of public baptism at the Jonsson home. In the morning, in our worship hour, join us as I will take us the next step in Romans six with “Not Dabblers, but Practitioners” (Romans 6:15-23). The enormity of Jesus’ person and work means that as His followers, we have been baptized into a new life, a new reality, one of being not mere dabblers in the righteous ways of Christ in grace, but practitioners. Come and dine with us in the feast of God’s blessings in Christ...

Pastor Brian Young

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